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Accessories: What accessories should I get for my cradle?Updated 6 months ago

If you have decided on getting a cradle but are unsure which accessories are right for you, we have collected a few suggestions and recommendations here:  

  • A mounting solution – here we provide three options: the tripod stand, mounting kit for the ceiling and the doorframe clamp. To use the cradle at home we recommend using the tripod stand or the ceiling mounting kit. If you wish to use your cradle on the road or when travelling, we recommend the doorframe clamp.  
  • A waterproof mattress protector to protect your cradle, as little accidents can always happen and it is nice to know that your cradle will not be ruined.  
  • fitted sheet to tie everything together and keep the mattress protector in place, even if your baby wriggles in its sleep. 
  • Heaven to reduce the disturbances of ambient light when your baby is sleeping in its cradle. 

  • A mattress fixi if your baby likes to be active in its sleep. The soft belt securely holds your little one in the middle of the mattress and provides you with the security of knowing they are sleeping safely. 
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