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Weighted Products: What are Weighted Products and how do they work?Updated 6 months ago

Moonboon Weighted products contain tiny glass spheres, as small as grains of sand, which help apply the weight evenly and do not make any noise when ruffled. They ensure the weight distribution is even so that they help children regulate their sensory impressions, become more calm, relaxed and focused on a task.

Our Weight Products are inspired by Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) Therapy, a method that stimulates solid sensory input simulating things such as firm hugs, touches, squeezes, or wraps. When these sensations are applied over the whole body, DTP can have a calming effect for both children and adults.

This even weight also helps simulate muscles and joints (known as proprioceptive stimulation), which signals the nervous system to increase production of the mood-regulating hormone serotonin. It also reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases melatonin, which helps us sleep.

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