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Weighted Products: What should my baby wear under the Weighted Sleeping Bag or the Weighted Vest?Updated 6 months ago

The Weighted Products have insulating properties, and therefore, their TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) value is tested by the Danish Technological Institute to ensure compliance with the EN ISO 11092:2014 standard.  

The TOG value points towards room temperature in the room where the child is sleeping. The value of the individual product specifies how you should dress the child or baby so as to establish the ideal temperature and help keep the child comfortable without being too hot or cold.

Both the Weighted Sleeping Bag and the Weighted Vest are approved for a TOG value between 1 and 4. 

  • The Weighted Vest's TOG value is 2.8 (the product only covers the child's upper body).

Use the vest together with regular clothing and at normal room temperature.

  • The Weighted Sleeping Bag's TOG value is 2.4.

If your baby's neck, back of the head, back or stomach are damp or warm, that is a sign that your baby is too hot. In those situations, you should open the Weighted Sleeping Bag right away to increase air circulation and remove some of the baby's clothing. 

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