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Weighted Products: When can we start using the Weighted Products?Updated 6 months ago

Moonboon's Weighted Products have been developed with care so as to create products that are very safe and offer a pleasant experience. Weighted Products may only be used by children who are 8 months or older and who can turn from their back to their stomach and back again on their own. This is particularly important if the child uses products in connection with sleep

The Weighted Products are the perfect choice for when your child is ready to leave the baby hammock but still needs something to help them settle down.

The Weighted Products affect the child's sensitivity to "waking themselves" during sleep, and the child is therefore less likely to wake up. It is still unknown how this affects the risk of cot death, and therefore, Moonboon and Moonboon's sleep experts adamantly discourage the use of Weighted Products until the child is at least 8 months old, when the risk of cot death and other sleep-related safety issues drops drastically.

This is also the reason why Weighted Products with even weight distribution are preferable, for example because they ensure that the weight is not right on the child's chest, where there is a risk that it will affect breathing.

The Weighted Products have holes for the arms and are designed to stay in place. The holes are of a suitable size, which is not big enough for the elbow to squeeze through nor small enough to make it difficult to take the product on and off.

To ensure the safest fit, the products are tailored more towards the child's weight than age.  

The weight on the body should correspond to about 10% body weight + 2 kg in order to help provide the desired sense of calmness. In order to exercise caution, we base our size guidelines on 8% of the average body weight of a child.

The Weighted Sleeping Bag comes in two sizes:  

  • 9-12 kg (approx. 8-18 months): Weighted sleeping bag, 85 cm long 
  • 12-15 kg (approx. 18-36 months): Weighted Sleeping Bag, 100 cm long 

The Weighted Vest comes in three sizes:  

  • 9-12 kg (approx. 8-18 months)
  • 12-15 kg (approx. 18-36 months) 
  • 15-19 kg (approx. 3-5 years)  

Moonboon's Weighted Products are designed to support the child to sleep on their back, in accordance with the recommendations of the Danish Health Authority. The Weighted Product's increased weight can make it harder for the child to adjust their sleeping position on their own. For safety reasons and to prevent cot death, the Weighted Products may only be used by children 8 months and older. A thumb rule is that the children should be able to turn on their own since they must be able to adjust their sleeping position and change the placement of their heads by themselves when sleeping.

We recommend always using the Weighted Products in accordance with the recommendations and instructions so as to establish the best and safest environment for your child.  

If your baby can turn without help, the Weighted Products will naturally follow the body without being cumbersome.

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