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Hammock Stiffener

Hammock Stiffener: When should I use the hammock stiffener?

The hammock is designed to fit snugly around baby and provide comfort, but as baby grows, space gets sparse. We recommend that you purchase a hammock stiffener to give the baby firm support.

Hammock Stiffener: How do I place the stiffener in the baby hammock?

We know from experience that most customers use the hammock stiffener on their own and simply place it in the hammock. You can decide if you want to combine it with the kapok mattress or not. If you want to combine them, we recommend you place the st

Hammock Stiffener: Can I use the stiffener with the baby hammock’s mattress?

Yes, just put the hammock stiffener underneath the kapok mattress.

Hammock Stiffener: From what age can the stiffener be used?

We recommend that you use the stiffener from around 3-4 months depending on the baby’s weight and size. The stiffener is an add-on the hammock that adds more space. It is not a requirement to have/use the stiffener.