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Spring: What are the differences between the Moonboon springs?

The Spring for the Baby Hammock was designed to be used with our baby hammocks and is delivered with your baby hammock when you order one, whilst the spring for the cradle/twin baby hammock was designed for those products and is delivered with them.

Spring: Should I purchase a new spring?

All springs wear over time, and we encourage you to purchase a new spring if you acquired a used hammock or cradle. Our motor is designed to work with the Moonboon spring, and we recommend that you purchase a Moonboon spring for use with your motor.

Spring: How long is the spring?

The spring is 30 cm / 11.8 inches with no load, and it will extend to 65 cm / 25.6 inches when fully extended. Never fear that the spring will break. The Moonboon spring has a built-in safety strap that keeps the baby from falling.

Spring: How much weight can it carry?

Spring for Baby Hammock:. Spring for Cradle and Twin Baby Hammock:. Spring + for Cradle and Twin Baby Hammock: