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Tripod Stand: How much room does the tripod stand take up?

The diameter of the tripod stand is 140 cm / 4.6 feet. The distance between the individual legs of the stand is 125 cm / 4.1 feet.

Tripod Stand: How tall is the tripod stand?

The Moonboon tripod stand is designed to be tall enough to hold a hammock and a cradle bouncer. The tripod stand is 194 cm / 6.4 feet tall.

Tripod Stand: What products is the tripod stand compatible with?

The tripod stand (also known as 2.0 that has been on the market since November 2022) is compatible with our baby hammock, cradle and twin baby     hammock and can also be used with a cradle bouncer.

Tripod Stand: Can the tripod stand be folded?

The Moonboon tripod stand is easy to disassemble and take along, say if you are visiting family or vacationing at the cottage. It’s fast and simple to untwist the three legs and pack the pieces for transport (short or long distance).

Tripod Stand: How can I tell which tripod stand I have?

If you have purchased a tripod stand from Moonboon you can have either version 1.0 or version 2.0. The version 1.0 is only compatible with our baby hammock and can be identified through its black feet. If the feet of your tripod stand match the color