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Baby Hammock: It looks like my baby hammock is lopsided – how can I fix it?Updated 5 months ago

When the hammock arrives from Moonboon, you will find the organic kapok mattress tucked into its internal pocket. Being a natural material, the kapok inside the mattress may “settle” and retain the bend it had during shipping. 

This may cause lopsidedness. Fortunately, there is an easy fix: Take the mattress out of the hammock and manually redistribute and even out the kapok filling. Work especially on the filling in the side that baby tended to roll toward. Then place the mattress back into the hammock's pocket. 

It is important that you tie the hammock’s 4 ties securely to help it hang straight. This applies to the two ties at the sides to be fastened to the cross bar and the two ties at the top of the hammock.

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