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Baby Hammock: Should I get the Baby Hammock or Cradle?

The most important difference between our hammock and cradle is the type of base. The cradle has long interior dimensions and a flat base, which some children prefer. At the same time the cradle has the same calming effect as the hammock. The design

Baby Hammock: For how long can my baby sleep in the baby hammock?

At Moonboon, we always refer to the recommendations issued by the health authorities. They have not issued any specific recommendations for the use of a baby hammock. Your baby may, in principle, sleep in the hammock for as long as necessary. However

Baby Hammock: Can my baby sleep in the baby hammock during the night?

You can easily use the baby hammock at night. However, it is important not to let him or her sleep in the baby hammock without supervision. We recommend that you use the baby hammock as a supplement, as you baby also must have the opportunity to slee

Baby Hammock: Does sleeping in a baby hammock cause a flat back head on babies?

No, due to the shape of the baby hammock the baby’s back head should not be flat. However, if you have a stiffener in the hammock, it is important to turn the baby’s head a little bit to each side if the baby takes some long naps in the hammock.

Baby Hammock: Does the baby hammock hurt my baby's back?

There are no studies that show that the baby hammock is not good for the baby. Moonboon’s baby hammock is tested and lives up to all the safety standards within this area.

Baby Hammock: It looks like my baby hammock is lopsided – how can I fix it?

When the hammock arrives from Moonboon, you will find the organic kapok mattress tucked into its internal pocket. Being a natural material, the kapok inside the mattress may “settle” and retain the bend it had during shipping. This may cause lopsided

Baby Hammock: Can I hang my baby hammock from the ceiling?

Yes indeed. Ceilings differ in terms of the materials they are made of. Concrete, drywall / gypsum, and wood, as examples, have different characteristics. Each type of ceiling will require a specific type of hook. That is why we do not include a hook

Baby Hammock: Can I wash my baby hammock?

The Moonboon hammock may be washed by hand at just over 40 degrees C / 100 degrees F. We do not recommend machine washing as the metal ring of the hammock may cause damage to your washing machine. The internal kapok mattress does not tolerate being l