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Why has my cradle bouncer started to resonate/vibrate?Updated 5 months ago

What you are experiencing may be so-called "resonance" vibrations. These can occur when the spring bounces up and down like an accordion, due to the traction in it. These resonance oscillations depend on how the product is suspended, the weight of the child and the setting of the cradle bouncer - this is completely natural and has nothing to do with the motor, and more with the laws of physics and gravity. 

However, we understand that this can cause some concern if it wasn't there the day before. But we can assure you that resonance is not harmful and is completely safe for your child. If you do nothing, resonance will pass naturally as soon as your baby gains a little weight. 

In the meantime, you can try adjusting the plastic parts a little, as this can sometimes alleviate the vibrations, or you can also try adding a little extra weight to the sling until your baby gains some weight.

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