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Moonboon Motor: Why does a Moonboon Motor create better sleep?

The cradle bouncers from Moonboon keeps the cradle spring going by means of the discrete string that pulls the spring together. This feature provides the gentle soothing rocking – up and down – that helps your child find peace. Use the cradle bouncer

Moonboon Motor: Why should I choose a Motor from Moonboon?

The cradle bouncers from Moonboon are a great help if you have a child who wants to be rocked. Having a motor is a must if you have a baby hammock, twin baby hammock or cradle. The Moonboon cradle bouncers free up time for you to take a break or do o

Moonboon Motor: What is the difference between the Motor Original and the Motor Connect?

The main difference between our two cradle bouncers is in how you use it. Our Moonboon Original can be turned on and off, and adjusted, using the TIMER and TEMPO knobs on the front of the motor. When using our Motor Connect, you can easily turn it on

How do I know which motor I have?

You can identify the version of your cradle bouncer based on the buttons/knobs it has. If the Timer and Tempo knobs on your motor are white and there is a Bluetooth button between the knobs, you have a Motor Connect. If the Timer and Tempo knobs on y

How does the cradle bouncer work?

The cradle bouncers by Moonboon ensure gentle and safe movements, creating the best environment for your child to find peace, fall asleep and sleep better. The Moonboon Motor Original is intuitively designed so that anyone can use it without difficul

What products are the Motor Connect and Motor Original compatible with?

Both our Motor Original and Motor Connect are compatible with our baby hammock, cradle and twin hammock.

Why has my cradle bouncer started to resonate/vibrate?

What you are experiencing may be so-called "resonance" vibrations. These can occur when the spring bounces up and down like an accordion, due to the traction in it. These resonance oscillations depend on how the product is suspended, the weight of th

Moonboon Motor: Why can’t the motor move faster?

Several experts have participated in the design of the Moonboon products – engineers as well as professionals from the health authorities. Our primary concern has always been safety, and the maximum speed of the motor was set according to the recomme